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Because I had an existing business and good personal credit, I was able to go through you program really fast. I am already on step five and it has only been a couple of months. Thanks for all the help.

Mari Mcclure, Chalmette LA

The business credit coaching program has been great. I am a startup company and because I had good personal credit, my funding adviser was able to help me obtain my startup capital, within 60 days.

Stella H McKinney, Dallas TX

I was thinking about starting a company a while back and signed up to start building my business credit. I found out during the process, that I could leverage my good personal credit and obtain good business credit faster than not using my personal credit. By doing this I was able to get enough money to start a local franchise company. Thanks for the help, I could not have done it without you.

Adam S Thomas, Salt Lake City UT

You guys have been great. Thanks to your help, and thanks to my coach, I was able to get the startup capital for my company in about four weeks after signing up. You taught me how to use my personal credit, but without it showing up in my personal credit file. And at the same time, start building my business credit.

Sherry O Hawkins, Tampa FL

I have been in business for about six years doing catering and delivery. My personal credit was not in good condition, but once I started building my business credit, I was able with your help to get some expansion capital. Even though my personal credit was not that good. Thanks for all the help. By the way I gave your personal email to my brother, to see if you can help him out too.

Elizabeth A Morales, South Orange

I was really glad to find out that clients with an existing business, generating money with good personal credit can achieve the best results. After hearing that, I signed up right away and am very happy with the help and results to date. My business is now twice the size because of the loan you were able to help me obtain. I was able to buy a second location. This is going to be a good year for us.

Debra Cuyler, Bixby OK

I figured I had business credit since I been in business almost ten years now. After going through your program, I found out I did not have any history at all. After your help, I was able to start building my credit and because of my existing business, was able to obtain something really fast.

Steven M Trigg, Norcross GA

I cannot thank you enough. I was able to get enough capital to cover the expenses we had during our full season. Thanks to your help, I am now building good business credit. I also just got funded based on my account receivable, and a loan for miscellaneous.

Sadie R Williams, Readings VT

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